Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An ounce of loyalty is worth...200 Litres of Water

UP, India. Maya comes to power and the dalits are rewarded for their loyalties.

In Maya land, water comes at premium for upper castes (click here for whole article)

Earlier, these Dalits had to travel 10 kilometres to a well in another village to fill buckets of water. But now, things have changed. Every morning, six water tankers come to the village supplying each house with 200 litres of water.

This sort of thing makes you think "Well, maybe some good CAN come out of her". But of course, how can her actions not have another side to them.
Votebank politics and the battle for water go hand in hand in Bundelkhand. While Dalits have been rewarded for their loyalty, the upper castes are witnessing what they call is a complete upheaval of an age old social order.

"Age old social order". Pah!

Call it oversimplification, but serously, how many stupid allegories will we go through before we're man enough to call it downright discrimination. But the stupidity doesn't stop there.
Purohit says, "We will fend for ourselves, but we will never stoop low enough to bow down in front of other people and request for tankers to come here."

Way to go Grandpa!!!

-Aditya Raghuwanshi

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